TopShop Whislist #1

Since I’m obsessed (still) with TopShop I thought I should start a Topshop wishlist. It’s probably going to be a weekly post – at least, most weeks. I do love their clothes and if my bank account didn’t cry everytime I ordered something I would order even more.

On this week topshop wishlist we have:

Tall Lasercut Waist Playsuit – 60€

Tall Vintage HotPants – 36€

Winged Zip Detail Handbag – 55€

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Hello! Hello!

I’m back, yes! Why did I stop posting? I wasn’t kidding when I said I was a lazy arse. I usually stop feeling excited with something and forget about it – completely. I want to start again now… let’s see for how long!!

As it is, I’ll re-open my beautiful blog with an Outfit of the Day. I’ve never done something like this and I’m not sure if I’ll keep doing but here it is:

55ecc180a56011e2b95c22000a1fb82f_7Blazer Jacket – H&M (from like, three years ago) || Channel Shirt by Me || TopShop Skinny Jeans || Converse All Star in Black leather

The sun was out for the first time in a long time and I was happy for no reason really and this happened! I quite liked the outfit to be honest – and I’m really happy with my diy project (It was the first time wearing it!). It was a lovely day after all.

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Weekly Nails #4



This one comes a bit late (not exactly Weekly Nails is it) because I’ve completely forgotten I have a blog to update – new semester in University and all that. Besides, this time, I didn’t do them myself (what a pity); but they were so pretty that I had to post it.

I’m not usually a pink-ish type of girl to be honest, but this nail art had me falling in love in minutes. Unfortunately it’s all gone now! I’ll probably be doing something close to this again in the near future though.

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Neon Accents

Neon Accent

Vero Moda printed shirt / Bambam aztec print shorts, €52 / H&M , €15 / Betsey Johnson colorful wedge heels, €73 / Wedge shoes, €46 / Charlotte Russe nubuck shoes, €17 / Friis & Company pocket wallet / H&M , €17 / adidas water resistant watch, €57 / Dorothy Perkins , €27 / Dorothy Perkins , €13 / Gold earrings, €3,46 / Old Navy straw fedora hat, €9,88 / Ilia lipstick, €18

Are you guys into this trend?? It’s been a cool trend since last year; I do own a few neon tops to use during summer although I think some people like it a bit too clown-ish (if you know what I mean) which steals its appeal and makes it just look awful AND if they’re wearing such bright colours during winter I’ll be judging behind my big jacket and black shirt. It does get pretty and funny during summer!! I’ll definitely buy a neon necklace.

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Make-Up Routine

For a few years now I have been obsessed with make up. I spend most of my free time watching youtube vlogs about Make-Up and I’ve learned a lot from there; I’m not yet a make-up artist but I can get by! I really enjoy doing my make up, the only problem is that I’m always late because I take ages to do it AND I love to sleep a lot, which made me have to learn how to do my make up on a moving vehicle – Not as difficult as it may seem, I swear.

As it is, I thought I would upload some pictures of my everyday products – or at least, the products I have been using in the last few weeks.


  • Kiko All Day Mat Foundation no.01 Peach Rose
  • Kiko Full Coverage Concealer no.002
  • Bronze Powder Avon Glow
  • Bronze Pearls Avon Glow
  • Coastal Scents Brushes and two others that I’ve no idea what brand they are.

Pretty explanatory, isn’t it? You may think it’s weird that I use two bronzes but it’s not. The powder bronze is mainly used to contour my cheeks since my face is a bit round and the pearls just give a nice glow to my cheeks since they’re really light colour (It isn’t too much or give me a cakey face, promise).


  • Kiko Invisible Powder
  • Giordani Gold Shaping Eyebrow Gel
  • Maybelline New York False Eyelashes effect.
  • Eylashes Curler.
  • Avon Drama Mascara
  • Coastal Scents Brushes

This picture isn’t accurate to be honest with you. I don’t usually wear any eyeshadow in my everyday make up, neither do I wear gel eyeliner; I do wear eyeliner on my waterline but I forgot to take a picture of the pencil I usually wear – it’s by avon anyway.


These are lipsticks that I sometimes wear; not always though, I don’t think I’m a big fan of lipsticks. The little pink pot you see is a lips scrub (by lush) it’s really good and if you’ve lips like mine that are always chipped and bitten then you must use it. Apart from that, I have here a red gloss (The only one I wear because I hate lipgloss), a pink lipstick by Avon as well, a lip balm by Neutrogena (not the best I have bought to be honest, the ones by Vichy are much better) and I forgot about the other one’ brand, sorry.

So this is it. One of these days I will post a picture of myself with my make up done; I just need to figure out what’s the best way to take that type of pictures.

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Outfit Ideas – Weekend Getaway

Weekend Getaway
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Spikes Necklace



This necklace is amazing; It’s handmade so you can see some flaws when you wear it but I think that’s what makes it so perfect – I actually liked it so much that I wore it in the same day it arrived! Besides, it’s a gold/black necklace with spikes, what could you want more? hah

I really like big and exuberant necklaces, especially during summer, firstly because of the type of shirts/tops I use and secondly because most of the times I’m way too lazy to wear bracelets, rings or any type of jewellery really and having such a big necklace is, most of the time, enough to make an outfit look good.

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