New year, new blog.

I have lost count of how many blogs I have had since I was 14 maybe 15; I never really delete them but somehow I always end up forgetting about it or getting bored! Well, doesn’t matter. This is my new blog!! My life had been asking for a new place to write for a long time and since the year just began (I have been busy with university, ok) this is it. To be honest, I’m not sure of what I will be doing with it yet – I just know I want it to be different from all the others – want it to be a little less about feelings and a little bit more about what I like. I always end up writing only about the not so happy part of my life (which is normal, that’s what human beings do – they complain and complain)  but I want to start writing about the good part too. I will probably be writing about clothes, make up, travel things like that. Let’s see if I can do it!

I looking forward to the next few months.


About McTbeauty

22. Portugal. Make-up artist to be.
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