I’m going to be honest and say that Paris was never a city that called for my attention. I’m not really sure why (maybe because I have a strong dislike for their language, maybe not. who knows!) and even if there are cities that I was (still am) more curious about (like Rome, New York, Berlin, going back to London etc etc) that doesn’t mean I was going to pass the opportunity to do what I like to do best!! For that reason when my friends invited me to go with them I thought yeah, sure, why not!! May not be my first choice but that doesn’t mean I won’t fall in love with it, right? Besides, I’m in a desperate need to leave this country and have a few days of fun with friends.

That’s what is exactly going to happen in over a month!!

I’m getting excited! It’s going to be fun like it always is, and I will finally be leaving the country and get to know a new city. I want to do so many things but above all I want to have fun and just relax. I just wish I liked French because it’s going to be a pain in the ass to try and understand what they’re saying.

Oh!! and I’ll be going for the first time ever to Disneyland! That’s every girl’s dream, right? a bit late but better late than never!



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22. Portugal. Make-up artist to be.
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