Weekly Nails #1


I don’t know if this is a girl thing or just me but I hate to see my nails without nailpolish!! They just look boring, so if you ever catch me with bare nails I was probably sick or too damn lazy.


I usually do my nails every week. I do them myself so they don’t always look perfect but  I like them that way (and it’s a lot less expensive). The products on my second picture are the products I used this week. The nail care polish 3 in 1 is used every week as a base coat – you should always use a base coat so your nails don’t become the colour of your nailpolish or yellowish.


The products used were:

  1. Kiko 3 in 1 WHITE nail care Base Coat – no.102
  2. Kiko Nail Lacquer Lilac – no.330
  3. Kiko Nail Lacquer Sparkle T. Silver Multicolour – no.271
  4. Kiko Nail Polisher Remover Universal Acetone Free
  5. NailFile (I have no idea its brand!)

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22. Portugal. Make-up artist to be.
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