Crop Tops

Crops Tops and Bralets are going to be a big trend this spring/summer. To be quite honest they have been since last year but it seems to me that this crop top trend is going to get crazier!!

Short Sleeve Crop Top by Topshop (20€)

Topshop actually has a specific section of croptops. Long Sleeve, short sleeve, lace, jersey… and so on!! Plenty of them for you to choose the one you like the most. They’re all amazing.

College Letters Crop by TopShop (23€)

Crop Tops are usually wore with a high waisted skirt, high waisted shorts, high waisted jeans… Anything that’s high waisted really. They look fantastic!

Black Scuba Zip Bralet by RiverIsland (25£ aprox. 27€)

I really like this trend. I actually own two crop tops that I only use during my summer vacations by the beach. There are plenty of different types of crop tops as I said and as it is not everyone can rock all of them.

White I know print crop shirt by RiverIsland (7£ aprox. 9€)

The ones I own are the sporty kinda because in my opinion they’re the ones that fit my body the best and that I feel comfortable wearing! (by the beach.)

Do you like them?


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4 Responses to Crop Tops

  1. I love crop tops, so much, I wish spring/summer would hurry up so it’s suitable weather to wear them!

    • runningawayy says:

      If you wear the long sleeve ones with high waisted jeans and a warm coat I’m sure you’ll be fine!! But yes, spring/summer to wear those type of things is always much better and practical 🙂 Thanks for your comment!

  2. Crop tops are pure sex! Dying to have the first two but it still hurts to pay for those shirts + shipment!

    • runningawayy says:

      The shipment is always a big downside!! But You can always check the website daily to catch some discounts and sales that will make the shipment worth it 🙂 thanks for you comment!

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