Shopping #2

I have bought a few new things last week. I really can’t help myself sometimes which isn’t a good thing most of the time because it means that I will have to control me (as in not buy anything!) in the next month, but oh well…

Black and White stripe shirt by H&M

As you can see I have bought two items I had on my whishlist!! I just couldn’t help myself. The stripe shirt is from H&M, it cost my mom (She is an amazing mom!) 15€ and it’s amazing. The sleeves and the back of the shirt are made of a different material from the front and its style is a bit baggy and sophisticated.

err MARLO Furlined Biker Boots – CHOCOLATE by Topshop

These boots are from Topshop. Since I’m a size 9 it’s really complicated for me to find shoes that fit me as it is once I saw those I thought they would be amazing for myself – and they are. They’re really comfy and warm, made of faux fur and are 50% of leather!

sss Tall Moto Ikat Print Leigh Jeans by TopShop

What can I say about those? They are as amazing as I thought they would be; really soft, comfortable and long. They came from the Tall Section on Topshop!! The Aztect print is, as Alicia Keys would say, on fire! It’s everywhere and I’ve already surrendered myself to its power.

topshop1Leopard Angora Beret by Topshop

This Leopard Beret came for free, it was a topshop gift for some unknown reason. To be quite honest I’m not in love with it, I actually don’t like it very much. It’s not my style I guess, but it’s nice nevertheless – it’s really soft and seems quite nice, if only I liked the print.

So this is it. A bit expensive shopping if I’m honest – which I don’t want to be – but worth it. They look good on my wardrobe and even better on myself! and after my first semester in university I deserved it!


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22. Portugal. Make-up artist to be.
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3 Responses to Shopping #2

  1. Vi hoje umas leggins super parecidas com esses jeans no fórum Coimbra. Não sei se na Zara ou na Pull. Gosto tanto!!

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