Minimal Rings

This spring/summer we all know we’re going to see plenty of big, colourful and exuberant necklaces in every outfit possible and imaginable right? Yes, that’s right. But it’s not about those amazing necklaces I want to talk about – I want to talk about the complete opposite of those necklaces; the minimal, delicate rings or stackable knuckle wire wrapped rings that are the most amazing and beautiful trend we’re going to see this year.

Chevron Stackable Above the knuckle Ring by Etsy ($5.50)

These rings are really classy and delicate. They are the best balance you can find when wearing a big necklace and still want to make your hands all pretty and feminine.

Tiny Skull Rings by Iwona Ludy ($250)

They look amazing with any outfit really.

Spring Ring – Knuckle Ring – Delicate by Etsy ($6)

So what do you think? Do you like them? I love it! I really need to buy a few for myself.


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