Make-Up Routine

For a few years now I have been obsessed with make up. I spend most of my free time watching youtube vlogs about Make-Up and I’ve learned a lot from there; I’m not yet a make-up artist but I can get by! I really enjoy doing my make up, the only problem is that I’m always late because I take ages to do it AND I love to sleep a lot, which made me have to learn how to do my make up on a moving vehicle – Not as difficult as it may seem, I swear.

As it is, I thought I would upload some pictures of my everyday products – or at least, the products I have been using in the last few weeks.


  • Kiko All Day Mat Foundation no.01 Peach Rose
  • Kiko Full Coverage Concealer no.002
  • Bronze Powder Avon Glow
  • Bronze Pearls Avon Glow
  • Coastal Scents Brushes and two others that I’ve no idea what brand they are.

Pretty explanatory, isn’t it? You may think it’s weird that I use two bronzes but it’s not. The powder bronze is mainly used to contour my cheeks since my face is a bit round and the pearls just give a nice glow to my cheeks since they’re really light colour (It isn’t too much or give me a cakey face, promise).


  • Kiko Invisible Powder
  • Giordani Gold Shaping Eyebrow Gel
  • Maybelline New York False Eyelashes effect.
  • Eylashes Curler.
  • Avon Drama Mascara
  • Coastal Scents Brushes

This picture isn’t accurate to be honest with you. I don’t usually wear any eyeshadow in my everyday make up, neither do I wear gel eyeliner; I do wear eyeliner on my waterline but I forgot to take a picture of the pencil I usually wear – it’s by avon anyway.


These are lipsticks that I sometimes wear; not always though, I don’t think I’m a big fan of lipsticks. The little pink pot you see is a lips scrub (by lush) it’s really good and if you’ve lips like mine that are always chipped and bitten then you must use it. Apart from that, I have here a red gloss (The only one I wear because I hate lipgloss), a pink lipstick by Avon as well, a lip balm by Neutrogena (not the best I have bought to be honest, the ones by Vichy are much better) and I forgot about the other one’ brand, sorry.

So this is it. One of these days I will post a picture of myself with my make up done; I just need to figure out what’s the best way to take that type of pictures.


About McTbeauty

22. Portugal. Make-up artist to be.
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