Neon Accents

Neon Accent

Vero Moda printed shirt / Bambam aztec print shorts, €52 / H&M , €15 / Betsey Johnson colorful wedge heels, €73 / Wedge shoes, €46 / Charlotte Russe nubuck shoes, €17 / Friis & Company pocket wallet / H&M , €17 / adidas water resistant watch, €57 / Dorothy Perkins , €27 / Dorothy Perkins , €13 / Gold earrings, €3,46 / Old Navy straw fedora hat, €9,88 / Ilia lipstick, €18

Are you guys into this trend?? It’s been a cool trend since last year; I do own a few neon tops to use during summer although I think some people like it a bit too clown-ish (if you know what I mean) which steals its appeal and makes it just look awful AND if they’re wearing such bright colours during winter I’ll be judging behind my big jacket and black shirt. It does get pretty and funny during summer!! I’ll definitely buy a neon necklace.


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22. Portugal. Make-up artist to be.
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