About Me

Hello! Hola! Halo! Olá!

My name is Marlene, I’m 21 years old and I’m from Portugal. I’m studying Applied Languages in University but what I really want to do is travel the world and write.

I’m a pessimistic, stubborn and extremely shy girl. I love to read just as much as I enjoy writing. I have a really complicated personality and I don’t trust people easily – I just never did; I don’t think us human beings know how to live without lying, it’s in our blood and those who say they never lie… well, they are lying. ha I like stability and people that don’t surprise me with their stupidity.

I know three different languages – Portuguese, English, Spanish and I’m learning the fourth, German – which is a pain in the ass if I’m honest. I would enjoy my degree a little bit more if they didn’t make me do so many oral presentations – I hate talking in front of an audience.

I like the most cliché things a girl could like. I love chocolate, fast food, sushi and all those things that are evil to my health. I like boybands, sappy movies, romantic novels, nice clothes, make up and love love love to travel; feeling like a stranger in a unknown city surrounded by a different culture, different language and beautiful sights is the most amazing feeling I could’ve felt.

But in the end, I just really want to be happy.

btw, English isn’t my native language so you’ll probably see/read a few mistakes; sorry about that.


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