Golden Jewellery

In my opinion, Golden Jewellery is perfect for any occasion – may it be a weekend festival or a wedding.

Gold tone leaf drop earrings by RiverIsland (£3.00)

“Yellow gold adds warmth and sensuality on fashion canvas, making women more beautiful.”

Armour Shield Ring by Topshop (€11)

Gold tone chunky curb chain bracelet by RiverIsland (£8)

“Gold chains made a comeback in perfect sync with new colors and textures. Gold chains worn around the neck, long and hippie style or fixed around the waist like a belt, slipped onto a wrist, or gold chains draped across the hips in three or four strands.”

ASOS Jewelled Bunting Necklace by (€33.71)

Michael Kors Cream & Gold Chronograph Watch (€308.81)

Do you like it? I love it! Specially if you have tanned skin/it’s summer time. I have used plenty of golden jewellery this summer and am still using it today. It’s so beautiful, I can’t get enough.

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Outfit Ideas #2


BOY London pattern shirt
€52 –

H M leather jacket
€35 –

H&M high waisted jeans
€35 –

Creeper shoes
€29 –

€50 –

Knuckle ring
€12 –

€165 –

Lizzie Fortunato chain necklace
€500 –

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Weekly Nails #3





These are my weekly nails. This week I opted for a “nude” look for two reasons: Firstly because I love it, this colour is really nice and looks amazing with every look and Secondly because since I’ve been studying for my last exam I didn’t have much time or patience whatsoever to give my nails much attention (as you probably can tell).

The products used were:

  1. Kiko 3 in 1 WHITE nail care Base Coat – no.102
  2. Kiko Nail Lacquer Nude – no.372
  3. Kiko Nail Polisher Remover Universal Acetone Free
  4. Kiko Nail File – no.240/280
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Minimal Rings

This spring/summer we all know we’re going to see plenty of big, colourful and exuberant necklaces in every outfit possible and imaginable right? Yes, that’s right. But it’s not about those amazing necklaces I want to talk about – I want to talk about the complete opposite of those necklaces; the minimal, delicate rings or stackable knuckle wire wrapped rings that are the most amazing and beautiful trend we’re going to see this year.

Chevron Stackable Above the knuckle Ring by Etsy ($5.50)

These rings are really classy and delicate. They are the best balance you can find when wearing a big necklace and still want to make your hands all pretty and feminine.

Tiny Skull Rings by Iwona Ludy ($250)

They look amazing with any outfit really.

Spring Ring – Knuckle Ring – Delicate by Etsy ($6)

So what do you think? Do you like them? I love it! I really need to buy a few for myself.

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Whislist #5 – Prada Bag

Prada Bag, top handle by Prada (€1.150)

  • Saffiano leather tote
  • double handle
  • gold plated hardware
  • Saffiano leather triangle with metal lettering logo
  • zipper closure
  • three inside pockets: two on side with zipper and one at center with magnetic clip closure
  • logo fabric lining
  • L 40 H 30 W 17 cm

Who wouldn’t love to own one right? They’re so pretty, sophisticated, timeless and classy! The only downside is the price really; they’re too expensive.

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Aztec Print

As you probably can already tell, Aztec Print is going to be THE fashion trend this spring/summer. There is aztec print everywhere and it looks amazing in everything and in everyone really.

Corset in Mex Tex Print by Asos (14,16€)

You can choose from corsets, to jeans, skirts, shorts, phone cases, necklaces… whatever you can think of can be on aztec print!

Tie Dye Aztec Print Midi Dress by Topshop (38€)

You can use them to a weekend festival, to the beach, to a night out – everywhere. It really is the perfect trend for summer – it’s fun, pretty and really cool.

Moto Indigo Aztec Denim Shorts by Topshop (42€)

The only tricky part of wearing Aztec print is that it can get a bit too much, as it is make sure you always wear it with plain shirts/jackets/shoes/etc. For example, with these moto indigo shorts I would wear a black or white plain shirt with black shoes.

Red Aztec print Leggings by RiverIsland (18£ aprox 20€)

You can also wear gold jewellery with aztec print; I love gold necklaces, it looks amazing and really chic. If you aren’t too keen on exuberant prints go for the black and white – there’s no way you can go wrong with it. Pair a black and white aztec print jeans with a white shirt and you’ll be as amazing as it gets!

Thread Loop Collar by Topshop (24€)

So what do you think? I love this trend. It has summer written all over it!! Can’t wait to start wearing bright colour aztec print.

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Shopping #2

I have bought a few new things last week. I really can’t help myself sometimes which isn’t a good thing most of the time because it means that I will have to control me (as in not buy anything!) in the next month, but oh well…

Black and White stripe shirt by H&M

As you can see I have bought two items I had on my whishlist!! I just couldn’t help myself. The stripe shirt is from H&M, it cost my mom (She is an amazing mom!) 15€ and it’s amazing. The sleeves and the back of the shirt are made of a different material from the front and its style is a bit baggy and sophisticated.

err MARLO Furlined Biker Boots – CHOCOLATE by Topshop

These boots are from Topshop. Since I’m a size 9 it’s really complicated for me to find shoes that fit me as it is once I saw those I thought they would be amazing for myself – and they are. They’re really comfy and warm, made of faux fur and are 50% of leather!

sss Tall Moto Ikat Print Leigh Jeans by TopShop

What can I say about those? They are as amazing as I thought they would be; really soft, comfortable and long. They came from the Tall Section on Topshop!! The Aztect print is, as Alicia Keys would say, on fire! It’s everywhere and I’ve already surrendered myself to its power.

topshop1Leopard Angora Beret by Topshop

This Leopard Beret came for free, it was a topshop gift for some unknown reason. To be quite honest I’m not in love with it, I actually don’t like it very much. It’s not my style I guess, but it’s nice nevertheless – it’s really soft and seems quite nice, if only I liked the print.

So this is it. A bit expensive shopping if I’m honest – which I don’t want to be – but worth it. They look good on my wardrobe and even better on myself! and after my first semester in university I deserved it!

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